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nutsplitterThe Clean & Safe Cutting Solution For Nuts

Power Units

  • 100H (Hand Pump)
  • 150H (Hand Pump)
  • 115E
  • 215E
  • 105A (Foot Pump)
  • 205A
  • 610A

To remove a 3-1/2inch nut with a torch or hammer and chisel might take up to 20 minutes. But you only need 20-30 seconds with the Auto-Splitter hydraulic nut splitter. Fast set-up too! AUTO-SPLITTER goes from the toolbox to in-use in less than five minutes.

No hammers. No impact. Operator has hands off during operation. No flames. No risk to volatile environments. The AUTO-SPLITTER hydraulic nut splitter cuts smoothly so that there is no danger to the operator or the surrounding equipment.

All you’ll hear is the hum of the hydraulic pump and a reassuring “snap” when the nut is cut. With the AUTO-SPLITTER hydraulic nut splitter, there’s no noise pollution or risk of noise-related injury.

You can easily calibrate the cutting chisel so only the nut is cut, with no damage to the bolt or stud threads.

Adapters are available for cutting round, square, 12-point, huck-bolts and other uniquely shaped nuts.

AUT0-SPLITTER cuts through even the hardest nuts, including ASTM A194 2H Brinell hardness 248-352. Each model of the AUTO-SPLITTER hydraulic nut splitter can be used for a wide range of inch or metric nut sizes.

IT SAVES YOU MONEY! Nut removal takes less time, so downtime is reduced. With AUTO-SPLITTER, you can also avoid costly damage to bolts, studs and surrounding equipment.

AUTO-SPLITTER outperforms and outlasts the competition!

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